e played it...

Paris (Élysée Montmartre): with Sonic Youth (US)
*Paris (les Instants Chavirés): with Moonshake (GB)
*Ris-Orangis (la Dame Bleue): with Hint (Fr)
*Belgium, Holland & Germany (10-date tour, including with Chokebore (US)
*Birmingham (The Jug of Ale): with Pram (GB)
*Bordeaux (fête de la musique): with Voodoo Muzak, RWA (Fr)
*Bordeaux (le Jimmy): with Usme Doma (Czechoslovakia)
*Bourges (Festival off (Emmetrop): with Cut the Navel String X rated X, Kill the Thrill (Fr), Transmissia (Croatia)
*Chamberry (le Saxo): with Garaku (Fr)
*Geneva (l'Usine): Festival of women's groups (DE, Swiss...)
*La Rochelle (la Casamance): with Moonshake (GB)
*Le Havre: with Galaxie (Fr) & Usme Doma (Tchek)
*Lille (les arcades - Faches-Thusmenil): with Voodoo Queens (GB) & Moonstruck (Fr)
*London (Falcon): with Armstrong (GB)
*London (White Horse): with Minxus (GB) & Elevate (GB)
*London (Bull and Gate): with Compulsion (GB) *Lyon (Volnitza): with Badgewearer (GB)
*Lyon (Exit): with The Ex (Holland)
*Montpellier (Mimi la Sardine): with Moonstruck (Fr)
*Nancy (Terminal Export): with The Ex (Holland - GB)
*Nancy (asso de filles): with Hammerhead & Janitor Joe (US)
*Paris (Farenheit): with Headcleaner (GB)
*Paris (Lasson): with Heliogabale (Fr)
*Paris (le Couvent des Récollets): with Smashing Orange (US)
*Paris (les EPE): with RWA, Sister Iodine, Flaming Demonics (Fr)
* * * * * with Pram (GB)
*Paris (les Instants Chavirés): with Moonshake (GB)
* * * * * * with Steeple Remove (Fr)
*Paris (Procréart): with Faith'Healers (GB)
*Paris (New Morning): with Sister Iodine & Flaming Demonics (Fr)
*Paris (Théâtre Dunois): with Moonshake (GB)
*Poitiers (Confort Moderne): with Moonshake (GB)....
*Rennes (les Tontons Flingueurs) : with Dog Faced Hermans (Holland)
*Ris-Orangis (le Caes) : with Dog Faced Hermans & Voodoo Muzak
*Saint-etienne (fête de la musique) : with Pond (US) & Double Nelson (Fr)
*Treglamus : with Sister Iodine (Fr)
*Vitrolles (le Sous-Marin) : with Moonstruck (Fr)

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