Muzik an sich... (Germany) - 27.04.2021

« Olá, what do you hear in your headphones? A psychedelic sound of great finesse, imposing bass, steamy female voices that overlap and intermingle. A driving rhythm section that slams. And what's more, there are two drummers. The whole thing is sometimes supported by drum machines. There are airy, melodic, swirling synthesizer sounds, as if they were coming from a weird Wurlitzer electric piano.
When you look at the cover - a dark black and white photo of an angry or desperate looking woman, who looks like a 17th century woman on the one hand and an early Postpunk and New Wave woman on the other. One Arm is the name of the band and comes from France. After an EP, Mysore Pak is their first album and 12 really cool tracks that would have fit in very well in the new wave era. I think they would have fit in perfectly between the early Cure, Siouxie, X-Mal Deutschland, Clan of Xymox or others. And among the hazy vocals and harmonies, one also thinks of the divine Cocteau Twins.
There is, however, one originality: they are much more psychedelic, they work with a lot of noise, scrambled sounds and voice samples. Their sound is full, imposing and yet often based on very simple compositions. There are no pejorative connotations in all of my comparisons and references listed above. Because they managed to mix their sound with many art rock sounds of the 90s and 00s, probably heard the music of experimental art rock musicians like Kammerflimmer Kollektief or Strings Of Consciousness and let some orgasmic sounds come out.
But in the end, the strong songs always win, the moods constantly change but the strong and constant basic sound remains. There's also some rock ("Cit"), followed by a dark looping soundtrack with martial rhythm drums, dark melodic bass, large tormented synthesizer sounds and spooky voice samples ("b.o.").
Oh, I could write pages and pages! But you don't have to read, just listen. Get this great album that is ingeniously retro and will remind you of the great beginnings of alternative rock, it does so in such a rightly ambitious and independent way that you could call it: the renaissance of alternative rock art. I hope vinyl will be available soon for this first album of the year candidate.

Wolfgan Kabsch

Aural Aggravation (UK)
by Christopher Nosnibor - 3 February 2021
"Mysore Pak" album review
" For the primitive production feel and the simplicity of basslines that just loop endlessly, Mysore Pak is so much more than a hipsterish replica of real life that skips along nicely. As accessible as this album is, it's got more depth and more instant biteback than you would ever imagine. An album that steps out of time and spans infinite time and space, it's got a lot going for it.« 

African Paper (Germany)
Comeback von One Arm mit Beiträgen u.a. von Little Annie February 5, 2021

Alara Music
"Two drumsets, two bass guitars, field recordings and samples. Originally a three-piece girls lineup, they gently migrated into a hybrid orchestra (both organic and electronic), a band with a perfectly respected parity (two women, two men) which creates its own musical style at the crossroads of noise rock, dub, ancestral asymmetrical music, industrial music, no-wave... guided by this captivating and mysterious female voice imprinted with the hypnotic calls of cold wave.” *

Sounds & Groove (Italy) click-april 2021

Rock Obrobje (Slovenia)
" Mysore Pak " chronicle

N I T E S T Y L E Z . D E (Germany)
"Mysore Pak" chronicle
" Recommended for fans of Vivien Goldman and likeminded artists. And everyone else.«

Muzzart magazine (France)
Chronicle for "Mysore Pak
" ... With each of its tracks, One Arm defies the predictable. Sonically schizophrenic, One Arm refuses care. In his dementia, he belongs..."

Muzzart (France)
Interview by Will Dum - January 2021

Muzzart (France)
One Arm "Treat/Brilliant" (7' EP, Reissue. Atypeek Music, 15 January 2021). January 21, 2021


<= « Une formation inhabituelle avec deux batteurs, deux basses et des samples. Lors des concerts, un guitariste se joint à eux. Pourquoi ce type de formation, ou juste pour quoi faire ? Aucune idée. Mais sur cet album, ils sont rejoints par quelques invités supplémentaires, dont Little Annie. Le quatuor parisien présente son premier album dans une superbe esthétique No Wave, glaçante mais pas trop radicalement déconstructive. Enregistrées entre 1998 et 2016, les douze morceaux rappellent Sonic Youth, tandis qu’Alara Music s’incline devant ‘Space Is The Place‘ ».

Ondarock (italy)
" Mysore Pak " Chronicle- April 2021

MusicMap (Italy)
Review of "Mysore Pak

March 2021: " Descrivere gli ingredien qui è poca cosa; è il tentare di spiegare come sono sta messi, che è di cile, ma è quello che rende par colare questo disco oscuro ma pieno di crea vità.«

BlowUp (Italy)
Chronicle of "Mysore Pak" - March 2021 =>

« Two basses, two drums, an electronic machination and a repertoire that rolls in mid-tempo on a highway lined with kaleidoscopic landscapes. A mechanic highlighted by a cleverly repetitive vocal that makes the melodic atmosphere of their new compositions
i m p a r a b l e .
>>> A Nettle Show

" ... From the simple visuals to the quality of the sound, one arm takes us into its magical and fluid dreams, like drops of water..."
>>> Foestustrial

" A music as unclassifiable as ever. A Moonshake with an oriental influence, the 80's scrubbed, something as vaguely danceable as creepy, melancholic and coldly melodic. Hypnosis always, rhythmic obsession, samples perfectly integrated in an impressionist world, compositions that just pass by, in dotted line, electro fiddling to sow even more chaos and make people lose all notions of time and style, science of the twisted, tangled rhythm, weirdly dancing groove, sickly tribal, female vocals that make you float or ghostly, outdated charm and unattached band, One Arm still has no equivalent."
>>> Losses and crashes

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